Get USA Virtual Phone Number

Easily expand your reach to the US market with a virtual US phone number. Connect with customers, improve communication, and reduce costs.

USA virtual phone number

Why Should You Buy A USA Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual US phone number allows you to easily connect with US customers, save on international call costs, broaden your presence in the USA, enhance your professional image and work from anywhere while remaining reachable.

Helps You Build a Local Customer Base

Helps You Establish Local Presence

DialerHQ’s virtual US phone number allows you to establish a strong local presence and increase trust and credibility with your customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

  • Reach & serve US customers
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Customize your virtual US phone number
  • Target specific regions with precision


Easy To Set Up & Cost Effective

Setting up a virtual phone system can be a daunting task, but not with DialerHQ! With DialerHQ, you can get a virtual US phone number in minutes– Sign in to DialerHQ, get a virtual US phone number and start making calls.

  • No hardware or installation costs
  • Easy to get started
  • Hassle-free maintenance and upgrades
  • Free virtual US phone numbers
  • Cost-effective international calling from US
Convenient and Cost Friendly
Provides useful call tracking insights

Encompasses A Range of Features

DialerHQ not only helps you establish a local presence, but the solution comes with a range of innovative features that make it easy for you to manage customer communications and provide an efficient and reliable customer experience.

  • Encompasses IVR, smart switch, & voicemail
  • Real-time analytics for improved strategies
  • Centralized customer communications
  • Highly reliable system with 99.9% uptime
  • Enterprise-grade security architecture

Offers Flexibility & Scalability

DialerHQ’s virtual phone system offers the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes– from small start-ups to large enterprises. Our US virtual phone number can be easily customized to meet your unique business needs.

  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes
  • Easily customizable to meet your needs
  • Quick virtual phone number purchase
  • Add or remove numbers as per the need
  • Compatible with any device
Direct calls to the right person

How Do You Get Free Virtual USA Number?

The process of getting a virtual US phone number is quite simple. Just follow these steps:


Start by installing the DialerHQ app from the Apple Play Store here.

choose phone number

Choose your preferred country and available phone number from the list.

calling screen

Dial and text your customers anytime, anywhere!

Key Features & Benefits of US Virtual Phone Number

A US virtual phone number comes with a range of features and functions, allowing you to take customer communication to the next level. Some of the key features of a USA virtual number include:

Easy Connectivity

Reach customers in the USA with a virtual phone number, regardless of your location.

Cost Savings

Avoid expensive international call charges by using a virtual number.

Virtual Presence

Establish a virtual presence in the USA without the need for a physical office.

Professional Image

A virtual number can enhance the professional image of your business.

Remote Access

Stay connected to customers and colleagues while working remotely.

Easy Management

Virtual numbers are easy to set up and manage, allowing you to get started quickly.

Get A Virtual Phone Number In The USA Today

Make international calls & texts without buying a SIM card.