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Establish credibility with your customers from anywhere in the world with a South Africa phone number. Buy a South Africa number online and use it instantly from any device

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Why Should You Buy A Virtual South African Number?

A virtual South Africa cell phone number offers you the freedom to enjoy unlimited calling from South Africa to your mobile, office, PBX, or landline. Separate your personal and business calls and enjoy better voice quality at an affordable price.

affordable and convenient calling with south africa phone number app

Affordable and Convenient

When you buy a virtual South Africa phone number, there’s no waiting time needed for activation. It saves you the trouble of getting a new phone connection/service or a sim card.

The South Africa virtual number once activated with major city area codes, will allow you to contact anyone at a pocket-friendly price. 

All you need is a smart device and stable internet services,  and you are all set! stay reachable at all times from anywhere in the world. Call South Africa numbers, receive incoming calls and send SMS anytime and anywhere.

With a free South Africa telephone number app, you get advanced calling tools to better interact with your business clients.

Improve Customer Relationships

With a South Africa virtual mobile phone number you can enhance customer relationships by creating a local presence in your preferred country and area to broaden your customer base.

With a dedicated South African mobile number in cities like Cape Town or Durban, you can improve your interactions with local customers significantly. With a local South African cellphone number and city calling codes by your side, your customers will be more comfortable taking and receiving your calls.

Being available anytime and anywhere with a local South African mobile number is one of the best ways to improve your customer acquisition and retention rates. Apart from the local customers, you’ll also improve your relations with international clientele keen on investing in South Africa.

improve customer relationship with virtual south Africa phone number
easy transfer and call tracking with virtual south africa phone number app

Easy to Transfer/Track Calls

Transferring calls doesn’t need to be a mess! The customer support team in your organization can easily transfer calls to the most capable members that can handle customer calls properly. Get a South Africa telephone number for mobile phones and transfer calls effortlessly in no time. Additionally, with South Africa’s telephone numbers, you can do more than just transfer calls.

With mobile phone service providers like DialerHQ, you can get a virtual South Africa cell phone number that’ll help you know the total number of calls made and received, the average duration of calls, leads generated via international calls, the agents’ idle status, etc.

With such advanced reports, you can make informed decisions to improve customer acquisition rates, call quality, and client satisfaction.

Boost Your Pick-Up Rate

People tend to pick up calls more often from mobile/landline numbers they know, rather than an international call. With virtual South Africa phone numbers, customers are more likely to respond to your company’s calls.

If you provide your sales team with a local virtual South Africa phone number without a country code, they will have a higher probability of acquiring customers and increasing sales.

Having numbers according to your preferred area codes helps your team enter calls with more credibility which improves your brand value. Moreover, you and your employees can connect and forward calls from anywhere in the world.

Boost call pickup rate by professional business virtual south africa phone number app

How Do You Get A Free Virtual South Africa Number?

DialerHQ makes it effortless for buyers to get a South Africa phone number. Virtual free South African number networks use VoIP technology to make calls. A SIM card isn’t necessary for operating a virtual free South African number.

To get a South Africa Phone Number for free follow the 3-steps, as outlined below:


Start by downloading the DialerHQ app from your Apple Play Store here.

choose phone number

Choose a country, operational area, and your preferred South Africa mobile number.

calling screen

Call or text your contacts and customers anywhere and anytime!

Features of South Africa Mobile Phone Number

A South African mobile number provides numerous advantages in terms of quality and cost. You get to enjoy all the advanced features of call recording, real-time reporting, call routing, call forwarding, etc. with high-quality customer service.

Call Forwarding Convenience

Use the call forwarding feature to forward SMS or phone calls to your local phone number.

Call Recording

Your new South Africa virtual number free will enable you to record calls from employees and customers alike.

Real Time Reporting

View detailed data about calls made to your South African mobile phone number and learn about customers’ call habits, preferences, and more!

Voice Response

This feature in your virtual South Africa toll-free phone number supports call transfers between departments of your company and customers.

VoiceMail Message Support

With a virtual South Africa number, customers can conveniently leave voice messages if customer care is busy or unavailable.

Multi-user Support

With DialerHQ’s cloud telephony South African phone number services, your agents can easily collaborate while maintaining the organizational hierarchy.

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