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Establish a local presence in Chile and enhance your brand credibility with DialerHQ’s communication solutions.

  • Expand your business reach by establishing a local presence.
  • Enjoy seamless communication with your Chilean clients.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency with advanced features.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service in Chile

Connect with your customers easily and efficiently with DialerHQ’s Chile phone numbers. Our advanced call management and collaboration features help you manage your calls effectively and stay connected with your customers 24/7.


Is Chilean Virtual Phone Number a Real Number?

Yes, a virtual phone number for Chile is a real number. It works just like any regular phone number– but does not require a physical phone line or device. Here are some interesting facts about Chilean virtual numbers:

  • Chile numbers can be used for sales, support, and marketing purposes.
  • Chilean virtual numbers come with a range of advanced features like IVR.
  • Chile phone numbers can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Chile virtual numbers are easy to set up, scalable, and customizable.
  • Chile virtual numbers are a far more affordable solution for businesses.

Benefits of Chile Phone Numbers

    A virtual Chile phone number offers a range of advantages to your company. Here are five major benefits of investing in a Chile phone number:

    • Communicate with clients effortlessly at significantly lower calling costs.
    • Improve your brand’s reputation and give it a professional edge.
    • Extend your business’s horizons and explore fresh markets in Chile.
    • Use in-depth analytics and reports to make data-driven decisions.
    • Serve your clients more efficiently and in a timely fashion.

    Different Types of Chilean Phone Numbers

    There are three different types of Chile virtual numbers, each of which is used for a different purpose.

    • Local Chile phone numbers: Suitable for businesses that want to reach out to local Chile clients.
    • Toll-free Chile phone numbers: A number that customers can call for free. Ideal for handling customer queries.
    • Chile Mobile phone numbers: 10-digit numbers consist of an area code and a phone number – excellent for SMBs.

    Choose the one that best aligns with your business requirements and objectives.

    Chile Country Code & Area Codes

    When you call a Chilean phone number, it’s important to remember three things– the Chilean country code, the Chilean area codes, and the Chilean dialing format.

    • Chilean country code: The numerical prefix used when making an international call to Chile (+56).
    • Chilean area codes: A series of 2 or 3 digits identifying a specific region or city within Chile.
    • Chilean phone numbers: Unique numerical sequences assigned to individual telephone lines in Chile.
    • Chilean dialing format: The correct sequence of numbers and symbols needed to call a Chilean phone number.

    How Much Does Chile Virtual Phone Number Cost?

    Free Software


    Unlimited users Free Trial - 10 Days

    • Everything in Unlimited Plus
    • $1500/month Spend Minimum3
    • Power Dialer
    • Voice Broadcasting
    • Multi-level IVR
    • Multiple Level Call Transfer
    • Conference Calling
    • Call Barging
    • Route to External Number
    • Forward to Multiple Device
    • Single Sign On
    • DID Group
    • Call Whisper
    • Intelligent Reports/Analytics
    • Reports via Email
    • Automatic Machine Detection
    • Intelligent Call Recording



    per user/month 1 Free Trial - 10 Days

    • Unlimited calls within the US & Canada2
    • Free 1 standard Number per user
    • Click To Dial
    • Call Recording
    • IVR
    • Call forwarding
    • SMS/Text messages
    • Voicemail
    • Webhook
    • Role based access control
    • Integration


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    • Everything in Free Software Plus
    • Custom Reports & Analytics
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    Buy Chile Virtual Phone Number With DialerHQ in 4 Easy Steps

    Embark on your DialerHQ journey now by following the 4 simple steps outlined below.

    DialerHQ-Signin DialerHQ-Signin

    Sign in to DialerHQ.

    DialerHQ-virtual-number DialerHQ-Signin

    Choose your custom virtual number & make the payment.

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    Configure your account, features, and settings.

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    Start making and receiving calls anytime, anywhere.

    Features of Chile Phone Numbers

    DialerHQ virtual phone system houses a range of cutting-edge features that will take your team’s productivity and efficiency to new heights.

    Smart Call Forwarding

    Never miss an important call. Seamlessly redirect incoming calls to the most suitable person or department based on predefined criteria.

    Call Queuing

    Reduce wait times and enhance customer satisfaction. Keep customers informed and connect them to the next available agent efficiently.

    Call Center Analytics

    Gain valuable insights and improve your call center’s performance. Get a comprehensive overview of your team’s activities with real-time data.

    Predictive Dialer

    Accelerate your sales outreach with the Predictive Dialer. Automatically dial multiple numbers at once and connect with live calls only.

    Voicemail Greetings

    Make a lasting impression on your customers. Customize your voicemail messages with professional greetings and personalized messages.

    Global Connect

    Seamlessly connect with international clients and partners with high-quality voice and video calls. Expand your business reach.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A typical Chilean phone number consists of 9 digits. The first digit indicates the type of phone service, and the following two digits represent the area code. The remaining six digits represent the subscriber number.

    Yes, it is possible to get multiple Chile Virtual Phone Numbers. Many virtual phone number providers like DialerHQ allow you to buy and manage multiple virtual numbers from different countries.

    The country code for Chile is +56. This code is used when dialing a phone number in Chile from another country.

    Yes, it is possible to get a virtual Chile number with a different area code. Having Chile virtual numbers with different area codes will help you establish a business presence in multiple Chile regions simultaneously.

    Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of virtual phone numbers in Chile.

    Make international calls & texts without buying a SIM card.