You can buy a Singapore phone number from the DialerHQ app and use it directly from your smartphone. Make instant calls to countries like the USA, Canada, China, and +50 countries at a very low cost.

Singapore Phone Number

Why Should You Buy a Singapore Virtual Phone Number?

Make your communication strong and balanced with the Singapore Virtual Phone Number. Expand your business with multiple advantages like Custom greetings, Call Forwarding, IVR, etc. Download the DialerHQ App. Select your Singaporean Virtual Phone Number and start using it.

Singapore virtual phone number

Cost-effective Solution

The first major benefit of buying a Singapore phone number through the DialerHQ app is significant cost savings in communication. When you call your customer or family members in Singapore from other countries via regular international calling plans, the charges will be extremely costly.

This makes it unviable, especially when you have to make many calls daily. This is where the DialerHQ app comes in handy.

The calling charges and pricing plans of the DialerHQ app are very reasonable, starting at $10 per month! This Standard plan includes a free standard phone number, a free trial, a free $2 credit, and email support. However, you can upgrade to their premium plans to enjoy additional benefits and features.

Enhanced Portability

Another reason to buy a Singapore phone number through the DialerHQ app is portability. This private phone number application requires no additional equipment to operate and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time! All you need is an active plan and a stable internet connection.

This benefit can significantly improve your customer communication because you can now respond or connect to customers at any time, from anywhere! You can use this app just like any other regular mobile phone application and immediately access it!

Improved customer experience will eventually increase brand value and widen the customer base.

Singapore Phone Number
Singapore Phone Number

A Pool of Singapore Numbers

Another significant benefit of buying a Singapore phone number from a top private voip number provider such as DialerHQ is that you gain access to a large pool of Singapore numbers. Based on your needs and business interests, you can select the best Singapore number with your preferred area code.

We currently offer phone numbers in Singapore for all 13 Singapore area codes: 645, 624, 625, 629, 628, 676, 644, 653, 673, 678, 635, 675, and 677. You can buy a number with any of the area codes.

These Singapore phone number codes will help you reach out to prospects and professionalize as well as localize your brand. For example, if a customer in Ang Mo Kio receives a call with the prefix 645, they will feel a personal connection to the brand and will certainly trust it.

Higher Market Penetration

In addition to projecting a professional and local image of your brand among Singapore customers, Singapore virtual phone numbers with local area codes will allow you to penetrate the market better.

As previously stated, customers or prospects who receive calls from Singapore phone numbers with known or local area codes are more likely to trust the product, service, or brand than those who receive calls from foreign numbers or unknown area codes.

This will eventually allow businesses to penetrate the market more effectively and increase conversions. You can also use the same Singapore local number for WhatsApp and other communication apps to better organize your customer communication.

Singapore Phone Number

How Does the Singapore Phone Number App Work?

The Singapore Virtual Phone Numbers provider app– DialerHQ, use the internet. Unlike traditional calling, which requires a SIM card, Singapore numbers of DialerHQ do not. Instead, the app makes phone calls or sends messages via the internet.

To get a Singapore phone number, follow the 3-step process, as outlined below:


Start by downloading the DialerHQ app from your Apple Play Store here.

choose phone number

Select the country/region, i.e., Ayer Rajah, and your preferred phone number from the list.

calling screen

Make the payment & start calling or texting from your DialerHQ in Singapore!

Advantages of Singapore Phone Numbers

A Singapore number offers several advantages in terms of price, quality, and service. By investing in a Singapore number, you get all of these benefits: brand building, infrastructure cost reduction, enhanced portability, and better customer service.

Easy Setup

DialerHQ is an easy-to-use private number app. Simply download the app, register, choose a country & number, and start making calls!

A Pool of Numbers

With DialerHQ App you get the privilege of choosing your favorite Singapore phone numbers & area code from the number pool.

Incredible Voice Quality

Since the DialerHQ application makes calls or sends texts over the internet, there will be little to no lag or distortion in call quality.

No Additional Hardware

The DialerHQ app works just like any other regular mobile app. You will not require any additional hardware to operate.


The Singapore phone number of the DialerHQ app allows you to make international calls at an affordable cost.

Worldwide Penetration

The DialerHQ app allows you to buy phone numbers for all countries/regions, besides choosing local area codes.

Singapore Phone Number FAQs

A Singapore virtual phone number is a phone number that is hosted in the cloud and allows you to make calls and send texts over the internet without needing a SIM card.

To get a Singapore phone number, download the DialerHQ app and select the country, area code, and phone number.

DialerHQ offers Singapore virtual numbers for $10 per month. However, you can upgrade to premium plans for more advanced benefits.

You can get a Singapore phone number in less than 3 minutes! Yes, all you have to do is register with the DialerHQ and buy the Singapore number.

No, you do not need to provide any special documents to get a virtual number in Singapore. Provide the basic information requested by the app

Yes, a Singapore virtual number is completely safe and legal. However, you should only call those recipients who have agreed to receive the calls. Also, ideally, you should call customers between 9 AM and 9 PM.

Anyone with a business interest in Singapore can buy Singapore phone numbers. Also, if you have family members in Singapore, you should buy Singapore phone numbers since it is an affordable and efficient way to communicate.

Yes, you can use Singapore phone numbers to verify OTPs.

Yes, you can use the Singapore phone number to access social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

Setting up a Singapore virtual mobile number is simple. Once you buy the number, add the contacts to the list or import the contacts. Once done, you can make calls and send texts.

Top Singapore phone number providers, such as DialerHQ, provide free numbers for a trial period. To get a free Singapore number:

  1. Register with the DialerHQ and select a country.
  2. Select the area code and phone number.
  3. Select a pricing plan and make the payment.

For international calls to a Singaporean Phone number mus start with the country code +65. Add the 8 digits before the country code of the number on which you want to dial. After doing so the format of the Singaporean number will look like this - +65 xxxx xxxx

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