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Setting up a virtual phone number in Canada is a simple three-step process with DialerHQ. A free virtual phone number in Canada enables you to automate and expand your business in the country without any physical presence.

Canada Phone Number

Why Should You Buy A Canadian Virtual Phone Number?

You can choose from thousands of phone numbers from Toronto to Nova Scotia and buy a Canada virtual phone number with No setup fees & No hardware requirement.

Leverage the power of virtual numbers

Leverage the Power of Virtual Numbers

When you get one of the best virtual phone numbers in Canada, you unlock the power to boost your brand presence worldwide. A local presence is the need of the hour, and DialerHQ answers your brand’s questions.

With a Virtual mobile number in Canada, there is no need to go through the hassles of office setup and buying expensive equipment. Canada Virtual Phone Numbers, also known as VOIP numbers, are real phone numbers used by businesses worldwide.

Take advantage of exciting business features like call-forwarding, international calling and, texting cost-effective rates, voicemail, call routing, privacy protection, and more. Get a virtual phone number in Canada, train your staff and start offering top-class customer service in just a few minutes. Start now, and thank us later.

Virtual Call Routing

Enhance your business voice process to offer exceptional customer service to your customers. When you choose one of the best virtual mobile numbers in Canada, you choose the power to provide the right service from the right agent by efficiently distributing your calls across multiple teams.

Call routing allows you to diffuse call loads during peak hours and gives a break to your customer service teams. Our VOIP app for business makes it easy to customise the caller experience irrespective of location. Backed by an amazing VOIP network, this free Canada virtual phone number comes with an instant setup and can be integrated with your existing technology. Get a Canada virtual number today and explore the plethora of opportunities.

Virtual call routing
Super voice mail

Super Voicemail

First impressions last long, and you don’t want to hamper your brand’s first impression. You can customise your voicemail greetings when you have access to the best virtual phone number in Canada.

Brands rarely do well with a single voicemail, and it is not feasible to have multiple traditional voicemails to do the job. Businesses today depend on state-of-the-art virtual voicemails to stay on top of their business and offer a premium user experience. Get a Canadian virtual number to integrate your voicemails to your CRM or any business system you currently use.

It allows you to track all the voicemails systematically, with acute performance analysis and data logging. To experience this magic, download the app now.

Cost-Efficient Convenience

When you buy a Canada virtual phone number, you can expect reduced operational costs for calling international countries like the USA, or Germany. Convenience comes at no cost with our top-class virtual phone number app.

Moreover, it allows you to keep your personal life separate from your business-related calls. Your customers can connect with your brand using this Number, similar to contacting a local Canadian phone number.

Establish a feeling of trust in your customers by getting a free virtual phone number in Canada with area codes similar to Canada, so your customers know they are interacting with a local brand. All these numbers are available at cost-effective rates, allowing you to make international calls at the price of local calls. Unleash the power of the best virtual phone number in Canada.

Cost efficient convenience

How Does The Canada Virtual Mobile Number App Work?

DialerHQ is a virtual Canadian phone number app that lets you set up a local presence in Canada. You don’t need to invest in a new smartphone or a different SIM card to use this virtual phone number app in Canada. Buy a virtual phone number in Canada in a couple of minutes.

To get a Canada Virtual Phone Number, follow the 3-step process:


Click here to download the DialerHQ app.

choose phone number

Open the App – Select your country- Canada & your preferred phone number.

calling screen

Call or text your customers in Canada in minutes.

Advantages of getting a Canadian Virtual Phone Number

Effectively boost your brand presence by purchasing a virtual phone number in Canada. Buy a virtual phone number in Canada in a couple of minutes and start today. Choose your preferred country code and make and receive calls using a virtual Canadian phone number. Build a local presence and win over your customer’s hearts in Canada. The perfect strategy to grow your business starts with just a virtual number in Canada.

Brand Building

A Canada virtual mobile number can allow you to greet the local customers in Canada from anywhere, anytime around the world.

Increased Savings

International calls can hamper your operational budgets. A free Canada virtual phone number is an ideal solution that can increase your savings.

Same Infrastructure

A decent net connection on your existing smartphone is enough to use a virtual phone in Canada. Use your current phone to place calls anywhere in Canada.

Excellent Calling Experience

It is one of the best virtual phone numbers in Canada. The app is easy to use and requires no training due to its efficient, user-friendly interface.

Impressive Quality

Get a virtual phone number in Canada & experience the power of impressive call quality. This app eliminates data latency for a smooth experience.

Virtual Setup

Growing your business in Canada could be quite challenging . Establish your virtual set up in minutes with our Canadian virtual phone number.

Need a Quick & Easy Virtual Phone Number Canada?

Make international calls & texts without buying a SIM card.