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What is a Sweden Virtual Phone Number? 

A Sweden virtual number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific physical phone line but operates through the internet. It allows businesses or individuals to establish a virtual presence in Sweden, receive calls, and forward them to any device or location, providing flexibility, mobility, and convenient communication options.

How Does a Sweden Virtual Phone Number Work

How does a Sweden Virtual Phone Number Work? 

A Swedish virtual mobile number uses the internet to make and receive calls. Here’s how it works in five steps. 

  • You dial a number using your Sweden virtual phone number.
  • The voice signals are converted into digital packets.
  • These packets are transmitted to the receiver via the internet.
  • The packets are converted back into voice signals at the receiver’s end.
  • The entire process happens within seconds, ensuring seamless communication.

Why Buy a Sweden Virtual Phone Number from DialerHQ? 

DialerHQ is a leading provider of Sweden virtual numbers. Here are some reasons to choose DialerHQ. 

  • Get a free virtual phone number in Sweden
  • Has advanced features like multi-level IVR and voicemail
  • Can be integrated with 50+ third-party tools
  • Proactive customer support team to help you round the clock
  • Service level agreements guaranteeing exceptional call quality 
  • Can be scaled up as your business grows

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Why Buy a Sweden Virtual Phone Number from DialerHQ
Benefits of Sweden Virtual Phone Number for Business

Benefits of Sweden Virtual Phone Number for Business 

A virtual phone number in Sweden offers numerous benefits to businesses in the country. Here are some of them. 

  • Helps build rapport with customers in Sweden
  • Offers flexibility and mobility to your business
  • Makes expanding to Swedish markets easy
  • Provides actionable insights for better decision-making
  • Reduces communication costs for both customers and business
  • Helps enhance customer experience with advanced features

What Types of Virtual Phone Numbers Can You Get in Sweden?

This table offers information on the different kinds of virtual phone numbers that businesses can use in Sweden. These numbers include local, toll-free, national, international, mobile, and vanity numbers, and allow businesses to establish a presence in Sweden without needing an actual office. Toll-free numbers are particularly useful for providing free phone services to customers, while vanity numbers are memorable and help businesses stand out. Overall, virtual phone numbers provide businesses with the flexibility to improve customer service and grow their presence in Sweden.

Type of Virtual Number Dialing Code Example
Local Sweden Virtual Number (+46) (+46) 8 1234 5678
Toll-Free Sweden Virtual Number (+46) (+46) 020 123 456
Mobile Sweden Virtual Number (+46) (+46) 70 123 4567

Popular Area Codes in Sweden

This table provides a comprehensive list of popular area codes in Sweden for phone numbers. The table includes the corresponding cities, phone number formats, and examples of how to dial within Sweden. The information in this table can be useful for anyone who needs to make phone calls within Sweden and wants to ensure they use the correct area code and phone number format.

Area Code City Phone Number Format Example
8 Stockholm (08) xxxx xxxx (08) 1234 5678
31 Gothenburg (031) xxxx xxxx (031) 1234 5678
46 Malmö (046) xxxx xxxx (046) 1234 5678
18 Uppsala (018) xxxx xxxx (018) 1234 5678
13 Linköping (013) xxxx xxxx (013) 1234 5678
54 Norrköping (054) xxxx xxxx (054) 1234 5678
18 Västerås (018) xxxx xxxx (018) 1234 5678
42 Helsingborg (042) xxxx xxxx (042) 1234 5678

DialerHQ Pricing Plans for Sweden Virtual Phone Number


$ 0
Per user/Month
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For Startups

  • Unlimited Users (Pay only for number)
  • Click To Dial
  • Global Connect
  • Teams
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • SMS/Text messages
  • Smart Switch
  • Last Called By


$ 7.99
Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

Ideal For Small Team

  • Everything in Basic +
  • Free Number 1
  • Forward-to-device
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Shared Inbox
  • Skill Based Call Routing
  • Webhook
  • Paid Call Recording
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • Campaign Management


$ 11.99
Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Fast Growing Team

  • Everything in Bronze +
  • Role based access control
  • Free Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Live Call
  • Call Queuing
  • User Working Hours
  • Call Reminder
  • After Call Work
  • Call Cascading
  • Holiday Routing
  • Feedback for Calls
  • Gamification
  • Call Tagging
  • Pause-Resume Recording


$ 19.99
Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Larger Team

  • Everything in Silver +
  • Power Dialer
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple Level Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Barging
  • Route to External Number
  • Forward to Multiple Device
  • Single Sign On
  • DID Group
  • Call Whisper
  • Intelligent Reports/Analytics
  • Reports via Email
  • Automatic Machine Detection
  • Intelligent Call Recording

How to Get a Sweden Virtual Number?

Embark on your DialerHQ journey now by following the 4 simple steps outlined below.

Sign in to DialerHQ.
Choose your custom virtual number & make the payment.
Configure your account, features, and settings.
Start making and receiving calls anytime, anywhere.

Features of Sweden Virtual Phone Number 

DialerHQ offers several features that make it an attractive option for buying a Sweden virtual number. Here are they –

Call Queuing

Put callers on virtual queues when all your agents are busy and let them know the potential waiting time to prevent them from disconnecting.


Allow callers to leave a message when you’re unavailable so you can get back to them at the earliest and solve their queries.

Call Conference

Connect with multiple parties simultaneously using our conferencing feature to close deals or support tickets faster than ever.

Smart Call Forwarding

Never miss an important call by forwarding them to the right person when you’re unavailable, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Call Recording

Easily record the calls and ensure your agents follow the best practices and meet compliance requirements.

Call Transfer

Transfer the calls seamlessly to the right person or department to improve customer satisfaction and call resolution rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

DialerHQ's Sweden virtual phone numbers come with advanced features like IVR, ACD, Voice Broadcast, AI-enabled Dashboards, and more, enhancing your communication capabilities.

DialerHQ provides four pricing plans for Sweden virtual phone numbers:

  • Basic: $0/month.
  • Bronze: $7.99/month.
  • Silver: $11.99/month
  • Platinum: $19.99/month

DialerHQ ensures reliable connectivity and innovative features for your Sweden virtual phone number needs.

Sign up, select Sweden as the country, choose a plan, configure settings, import contacts, and start calling using DialerHQ's straightforward setup process.

DialerHQ offers features like Power Dialer, Global Connect, Call Conference, Smart Call Forwarding, and more to improve your communication with Sweden-based contacts.

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