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Integrated phone system for solopreneurs and small businesses

Best for : Solopreneurs, small businesses, and people engaged in side gigs that intend to separate business and personal calls.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Grasshopper allows you to port your existing phone numbers, contacts, and workflow, so you can harness the benefits of customer relationships you have built over the years.

  • Yes, Grasshopper is exclusively built for small businesses and solopreneurs who are struggling to differentiate between professional and personal calls. It has three different pricing plans starting at $28 a month and you can choose one depending on your business requirements.

  • Yes, Grasshopper provides a 7-day free trial that allows businesses to experiment with the viability and usability of the VoIP system before making a paid subscription.

  • Both Grasshopper and DialerHQ are robust VoIP platforms and offer exhaustive communication features for businesses. If you have budget constraints, then DilaerHQ is a viable, economical alternative as it has basic plans starting at $0. It must be noted that Grasshopper pricing starts at $28 a month.

  • Yes, you can access Grasshopper with your existing mobile device. As Grasshopper routes calls over the internet, it does not require special equipment or hardware for functioning.

  • No, Grasshopper does not support video calling. You must use third-party applications like Google Meet, Zoom, or MS Teams to host or attend a video call using Grasshopper.

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