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Empowering Communication for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Ideal for : Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals juggling multiple roles who want a seamless way to manage business and personal calls.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, TextNow's free plan allows users to send unlimited text messages and make free calls within the United States and Canada without incurring additional charges. However, users may encounter occasional sponsored messages as part of the free plan.

  • In the premium plan, TextNow offers the call forwarding feature, allowing users to redirect incoming calls to another designated phone number. This feature adds flexibility to call management, enabling users to customize how they receive their calls.

  • TextNow allows users to choose custom phone numbers during the sign-up process. This feature adds a personal touch to the communication experience, enabling users to select numbers that are meaningful or easy to remember.

  • TextNow's voicemail service ensures that users do not miss important voice messages when they are unable to answer calls. Voicemails are stored for later retrieval, providing users with a reliable means of staying informed even when they cannot immediately answer a call.

  • For users requiring data in addition to calling and texting, TextNow offers a 1GB data add-on. This feature caters to the demand for mobile data, allowing users to engage in internet browsing, app usage, and other online activities as part of a more comprehensive communication solution.

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