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How to get a Grasshopper Virtual Phone Number?

Simplify business calls, boost team collaboration, automate workflows, and improve customer experience with a cloud phone system.

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer: Paras Kela

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green tickPublished : December 19, 2023

Whether you’re a startup, a freelancer, or an established enterprise, having a reliable phone system is crucial. In fact, a virtual phone system saves businesses 45% each month on communication costs.

Need a reliable and affordable business phone system? Look no further than DialerHQ.

Grasshopper, a prominent player in the virtual phone service industry, offers businesses the flexibility and convenience of a virtual phone number. However, while it provides several advantages, there are limitations that businesses should consider before fully committing to this platform.

So read on to learn more about getting a Grasshopper virtual phone number and its limitations.

How to Get a Grasshopper Virtual Phone Number?

Getting a Grasshopper virtual phone number can be done in 5 simple and quick steps. Check out the points below to get your Grasshopper virtual phone number.


Step 1: Sign up for Grasshopper by visiting the website.

Step 2: Select your number – local or toll-free. 

Step 3: Customize your settings, such as call forwarding, extensions to direct callers to different departments, etc.

Step 4: Download the app to manage business calls and messages on the go.

Step 5: Utilize features to improve the calling productivity of your team.

Expert Advice

"Before selecting a virtual phone system, thoroughly assess your business's communication needs, scalability requirements, and integration preferences. Consider factors like call volume, international reach, and desired features to ensure the chosen solution aligns with your objectives."

Limitations of Grasshopper Business Phone Systems

Grasshopper does come with certain limitations that businesses should consider before adopting it as their primary communication solution.

Limitations of Grasshopper Business Phone Systems

1. Scalability Constraints

While Grasshopper caters well to small and medium-sized businesses, it may face limitations in accommodating the needs of larger enterprises that have more extensive and complex communication requirements.

  • Feature Limitations: Grasshopper may lack certain advanced features that larger businesses require for efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Capacity Issues: As businesses grow, their communication needs might exceed Grasshopper’s capabilities, leading to potential constraints in accommodating higher call volumes or more complex workflows.

2. Limited International Presence

Grasshopper virtual number primarily focuses on the North American market, which could be a limitation for businesses aiming for a broader global reach or dealing extensively with international clients.

  • Geographic Restrictions: Grasshopper’s availability and provision of local or toll-free numbers might not extend to international markets, limiting business expansion opportunities.
  • Call Rates and Accessibility: International call rates and accessibility might not be as competitive or comprehensive compared to other global-focused communication platforms.

3. Integration Challenges

Grasshopper’s integration capabilities might be limited compared to other more extensive communication platforms, posing challenges for businesses reliant on specific software or CRM systems.

  • Limited Integration Options: Grasshopper might not offer seamless integration with certain CRM tools, software applications, or third-party platforms that businesses heavily depend on for operations.
  • Workflow Disruptions: The lack of comprehensive integrations might lead to inefficiencies in workflow processes, as data synchronization and sharing between systems could be hindered.

4. Cost Considerations

Grasshopper’s pricing structure might become relatively expensive for businesses with high call volumes or those requiring advanced features.

  • Plan Limitations: Grasshopper’s pricing plans might have limitations in terms of included minutes, features, or additional costs for exceeding certain thresholds.
  • Cost-Efficiency: As business communication needs grow, the overall cost of using Grasshopper might outweigh its benefits compared to other more cost-efficient solutions in the market.

5. Dependency on Internet Connectivity

Grasshopper, being a virtual phone system, heavily relies on a stable Internet connection for seamless operation.

  • Reliability Concerns: Any disruptions or instability in internet connectivity might directly impact the reliability of phone calls and overall communication through Grasshopper.
  • Downtime Risks: Instances of internet downtime or poor connectivity could lead to missed calls, interruptions in service, and potential loss of business opportunities.

DialerhHQ vs. Grasshopper: The Smarter Phone Number Solution

DialerHQ and Grasshopper stand out as two prominent options for virtual phone numbers, each offering unique features and functionalities. Let’s delve deeper into a detailed comparison between DialerHQ and Grasshopper to help businesses make an informed decision when choosing a phone number solution.

DialerhHQ vs. Grasshopper: The Smarter Phone Number Solution

DialerHQ Features and Capabilities

DialerHQ boasts an array of features designed to streamline communication processes –

  • Advanced Call Management: Allows call recording, call routing, and easy tracking of call metrics.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless integration with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for efficient data management.
  • Auto-Dialing: Automates outbound calls to boost productivity and outreach efforts.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides detailed insights into call performance and customer engagement metrics.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: Supports SMS, voicemail, and other messaging platforms for diversified communication channels.


  • Scalability – DialerHQ is scalable and suits businesses of varying sizes, from startups to large enterprises.
  • Comprehensive Integrations – Its integration capabilities with various CRM and business tools enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Enhanced Analytics – Detailed analytics empower businesses to make data-driven decisions for better performance.

Grasshopper Features and Capabilities

Grasshopper offers several features geared toward improving business communications:

  • Virtual Phone Numbers – Provides local or toll-free numbers for businesses.
  • Call Forwarding – Enables calls to be forwarded to mobile or landline phones.
  • Voicemail Transcription – Transcribe voicemails into text for easy accessibility.
  • Mobile App – Allows management of calls and messages via a mobile application.


  • Ease of Use – Grasshopper’s user-friendly interface simplifies call management for businesses.
  • Flexible Number Options – Offers flexibility in selecting phone numbers based on area codes or keywords.
  • Mobility – The mobile app ensures accessibility to business communications from anywhere.

DialerHQ Vs. Grasshopper Comparison

Below is a thorough comparison between both virtual phone systems for better decision making. 

DialerHQ Vs. Grasshopper Comparison

1. Feature Set

  • DialerHQ offers a robust set of features, including advanced call management and CRM integration, catering to comprehensive communication needs.
  • Grasshopper focuses on providing virtual phone number services with basic call management features suitable for simpler communication requirements.

2. Scalability

  • DialerHQ is well-equipped for businesses of varying sizes due to its scalability and diverse feature set.
  • Grasshopper may have limitations in scalability, especially for larger enterprises with more complex communication needs.

3. Integrations

  • DialerHQ shines in its integration capabilities, ensuring seamless compatibility with various CRM tools and business applications.
  • Grasshopper offers limited integrations, potentially restricting businesses heavily reliant on specific software or systems.

4. Analytics and Insights

  • DialerHQ provides detailed analytics and reporting, empowering businesses with valuable insights for performance enhancement.
  • Grasshopper offers basic call metrics but might lack the depth and comprehensiveness of analytics compared to DialerHQ.

5. Call Cascading

  •  DialerHQ ensures random call distribution to ensure all users receive a fair share of calls for better control and call alignment.
  • Grasshopper does not offer call cascading which may be a setback to users due to lack of streamlined call distribution.

Ultimately, businesses should evaluate their priorities, scalability needs, integration requirements, and desired feature sets before deciding between DialerHQ and Grasshopper to ensure they opt for the solution that best aligns with their objectives and growth strategies.

A Better Option Compared to Grasshopper: DialerHQ


Choosing between DialerHQ and Grasshopper hinges on the specific communication needs and growth aspirations of businesses. DialerHQ emerges as a superior choice for businesses seeking an advanced communication tool with a rich feature set, scalability, extensive integrations, and in-depth analytics. 

Its ability to offer a tailored and robust solution makes it a preferable option for companies aiming to elevate their communication strategies and streamline operations.

By evaluating individual business requirements, desired features, scalability needs, and integration necessities, organizations can make an informed choice that aligns with their objectives and supports their journey toward enhanced communication and business success.


DialerHQ’s advanced capabilities address the limitations often found in Grasshopper and other virtual phone systems. Its scalability, comprehensive integrations, in-depth analytics, and diverse features make it the ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance communication, boost productivity, and pave the way for sustained growth.

By understanding their unique communication needs, integration requirements, and growth aspirations, businesses can confidently opt for DialerHQ as the premium virtual phone system that aligns seamlessly with their objectives, ensuring efficient and impactful communication strategies for long-term success.


Grasshopper, being a virtual phone system, requires an internet connection for its functionality. It relies on internet connectivity to manage calls, forward them to designated devices, and provide its services.

Several factors might affect call reception on Grasshopper. Ensure your internet connection is stable. Check call forwarding settings and device connectivity. Also, verify if your Grasshopper account is active and configured correctly for call reception.

As of its last known features, Grasshopper does not offer a native call recording feature. However, it's advisable to explore alternative call recording solutions if this functionality is essential for your business needs.

Grasshopper offers various plans, each with different pricing structures. The cost of buying a paid or Grasshopper free number typically depends on the plan selected and the type of number (local or toll-free). Prices vary, starting from a monthly subscription fee plus additional costs for specific numbers or features. Detailed pricing can be found on Grasshopper's website or through their customer support.

Updated : December 19, 2023

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