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Next-level communication solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Ideal for : Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals managing side projects seeking to streamline communication and enhance professionalism.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • OpenPhone's global virtual numbers feature allows businesses to establish a global presence by offering local, toll-free number, and customizable vanity numbers. Users can choose preferred area codes and countries, creating a professional and geographically relevant identity.

  • Yes, OpenPhone offers seamless integration across mobile and desktop applications. This feature ensures that users can manage calls on the go, providing flexibility for businesses with a distributed or remote workforce.

  • OpenPhone simplifies transitions for businesses by enabling the porting of existing numbers, contacts, and communication flows.

  • OpenPhone provides a range of advanced call management features, including call forwarding, virtual receptionists, Interactive Call Response (IVR), and live call transfers.

  • OpenPhone's communication solutions are designed to be cost-effective for businesses, offering competitive pricing and a range of features to meet various communication needs.

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