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Looking for a Hushed alternative for your virtual number needs? DialerHQ is a perfect choice! We have compared these top virtual number providers, feature by feature, to help you make an informed decision. Scroll down to see the difference yourself and pick the best one.


Why is DialerHQ the Best Hushed Alternative?

DialerHQ enjoys a clear advantage over Hushed, providing advanced features that enable smooth business communication. Its wide network coverage, global presence, 24/7 customer support, and affordable plans further enhance its popularity and effectiveness.

Cross Platform

Desktop, Android, iOS

Innovative Features

Auto-attendant, IVR, Analytics

Easy-To-Set Up

Get started within minutes

DialerHQ Vs. Hushed: Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison DialerHQ Sideline
Call Quality High Average
Privacy Rate High Low
App Size 34.7 MB 93.1 MB
Network Connectivity High Weak
Global Number Selection 🚫
Call Recording 🚫

(Disclaimer: The information provided in this comparison table is accurate to the best of our knowledge but may be subject to change.)

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Top 10 Hushed Alternatives For Businesses in 2023

Hushed is one of the popular names in the market as a secondary phone number app. It helps you keep your personal life private by offering an alternative number for all your business communications. So why do you need to check out Hushed alternatives? 

It enables you to add and manage numbers across multiple devices, along with a host of additional features such as call forwarding, auto-reply messaging, custom voicemail, and many more. You can avail of local, toll-free, and mobile phone numbers for flexible pricing – pay-as-you-go, prepaid or subscription plan.  

However, it might not be a great option for people outside the US or Canada. For starters, this phone number app doesn’t provide a free trial to outsiders. Besides, users have previously reported slow response times, high call drop rates, and a lack of notifications whenever a text is received.

This is why I have compared the best apps similar to Hushed that you can consider using for making local and international calls. 

How To Choose The Best Hushed Alternative?

 private phone number app guideSource

To make the right choice, it’s crucial to understand the different functionalities you need to compare while choosing the best Hushed alternatives. 

1. Ease of Use

As a first-time user, it can be difficult to understand how a virtual calling platform works. Thus, it is best to choose a platform that is easy to set up and does not require any additional assistance or training. Further, it is best to choose platforms that do not require any hardware and can be operated instantly by just signing up.

2. Mobile App

Another key feature to consider while selecting apps like Hushed is the availability of a free mobile app. Given that many businesses are virtual and operating remotely, having a mobile application is essential. This helps companies to operate even when employees are not in the office or are traveling.

3. Cost

Platforms such as CallHippo, DialerHQ, and Skype Lite either have a free trial or are completely free of cost. Moreover, they have affordable business phone service compared to other apps. If you are a small-sized business or unfamiliar with second-number calling platforms, these apps are suitable. 

On the other hand, medium and large-scale enterprises can go for Ooma Office,, and Mightycall.

4. Features

In case you are looking for an online calling app with basic features, choose Skype Lite. It allows you to send calls and texts even with limited WiFi or data connection. However, if your business has growing needs and requires a platform that offers more than just business communication tools, such as the ability to forward calls, receive international outbound calls, call recordings, and maintain call detail records, CallHippo, LINE, and are better options.

10 Best Hushed Alternatives You Should Consider

Below is a list of some of the best Hushed app alternatives that you can consider for your business.

1. DialerHQ

DialerHQ OG Image

DialerHQ is a virtual calling platform that uses the internet to make calls and send texts globally. With DialerHQ, you can buy a phone number from any country and access the platform either in-office or remotely. What’s more, the app also lets you manage all your calls, texts, and accounts in a single place.


  • This business phone system can be used for both personal and business purposes. You can choose from a private phone number, temporary phone numbers, business phone numbers, a virtual phone system, or a toll-free number.


  • The app can be accessed across multiple devices as long as you have a stable internet connection
  • Forward your calls and reroute them to any phone number of your choice
  • No additional hardware is required to set up the DialerHQ app


  • Unlimited – For $12 per user per month
  • Free- For unlimited users for a minimum spend of $1500 per month
  • Custom- Offers customized pricing models


  • By providing a temporary phone number, DialerHQ helps you keep your data secure by not sharing or linking personal information with the telephone number.

2. CallHippo



If you want a virtual phone platform that provides cloud-based calling services, choose CallHippo. CallHippo is an app that is ideal for businesses that want to set up a digital call center that clients can access from around the world.


  • With CallHippo, you can track the number of calls made by each support agent, monitor team performance, and automate workflows. The platform offers cloud-based calling services for sales and support teams, call centers, or BPOs.


  • With the AI call routing feature, CallHippo tracks and directs your call using the most suitable network, ensuring lower call drop rates and more efficient calling
  • An intelligent, outgoing ID automatically changes your number to that of the country you are calling, ensuring higher call pick-up rates
  • The voice analytics tool allows you to analyze recorded calls to extract key customer information


  • Basic- Starts from $0 per user per month
  • Bronze- Costs $16 per user per month
  • Silver- Costs $24 per user per month
  • Platinum- Starts at $40 per user per month


  • CallHippo ensures the security of your calls by enabling you to choose where your calls get routed. What’s more, you can share documents safely via e-fax.

3. Ooma Office



Another alternative to Hushed is Ooma. Ooma is one of the best communication solutions platforms that provides phone, video, and messaging services to businesses as well as home phone systems.


  • Ooma provides a virtual phone calling system for small businesses, enterprises, residential phone services, and home security systems. Further, it offers advanced call management capabilities depending on the industry your business operates in. You can get a single virtual phone number or multiple virtual phone numbers to connect with your prospects. 


  • You can make international calls and send SMS messages using its mobile and desktop apps
  • A virtual receptionist allows you to automate and manage incoming calls and forward calls and messages to reduce call drop rates
  • Ooma Office enables clients to avail of a wide range of extensions such as sales or customer service


  • Essentials- Starts from $19.95 per user per month
  • Pro- Costs $24.95 per user per month
  • Pro Plus- Starts at $29.95 per user per month


  • Ooma Office’s Enhanced Call-Blocking tool protects you from fraudulent and spam calls by screening all incoming calls against a database of more than 2 million robocall numbers. Further, you can add up to 1000 phone numbers on Ooma’s block list if you receive repeated calls from spammers or unknown numbers.



If you are looking for an app like Hushed that boasts virtual calling as well as instant communication services, look no further than LINE. 


  • LINE has a wide range of services beyond virtual communication, including providing news online, a telemedicine service to connect with doctors via the LINE app, streaming music online, and making payments online or offline using LINE Pay.


  • Allows you to make free international calls even to users who don’t have WiFi
  • Meet new friends with similar interests and exchange text messages
  • The Hometab allows access to user and data management services on a single dashboard


  • All texts sent and received on the LINE app are encrypted. Moreover, encryption is also applied to one-to-one phone and video calls.

5. Mightycall


For those looking for business phone solutions, Mightycall is an excellent option. It is an upgrade to your traditional business phone systems that helps you make calls and send messages in an efficient and organized way.


  • With Mightycall, you can have multiple phone numbers. Choose from international toll-free service numbers, local phone numbers, business mobile phone numbers, and vanity numbers.


  • It provides emergency calling for numbers such as 911
  • Using call transfer, you can reduce drop rates and long waiting times by routing the calls to the next available agent
  • With call tracking service, keep a tab on all outgoing calls, number of calls attended vs number of calls dropped


  • Small Team- $15 per user per month for two users
  • Business- $20 per user per month for three users
  • Enterprise- $150 per month for unlimited users


  • All calls sent and received using MightyCall are protected using SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption and company verification.



Another app alternative to Hushed that is primarily designed for organizations is Using the app, you can make phone calls at US local rates to landline numbers in countries such as France, Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK, Israel, and Puerto Rico.


  • provides business phone numbers, VoIP phones, and international phone numbers. What’s more, the platform also has a free onboarding service for new users.


  • Video meetings enable you to conduct face-to-face online meetings with anyone across the world
  • An inventory of over 20 million phone numbers helps you choose from a large database
  • Unlike the basic business phone system, it allows monitoring the quality of your calls, tracking top performers, and busiest hours


  • Basic Users- $11.99 per user per month
  • Plus Users- $15.99 per user per month
  • Pro Users- $23.99 per user per month


  •’s compliance with HIPAA ensures the utmost security of client data across every device your business uses.

7. Nertivia



Nertivia is another alternative to Hushed app that acts like a chat client. Using Nertivia, you can message anyone globally.


  • With Netrivia, you can communicate across multiple channels using text messaging, emojis, and GIFs.


  • Nertivia can be linked with Google Drive to upload bulk folders and create your own server channels
  • Using Netrivia, you can send media files, GIFs, and emojis via text messaging
  • Netrivia is a customizable communication platform that can be accessed through a desktop, mobile app, and GitHub


  • Contact their sales team directly. 


  • Netrivia is secure and safe to use. 

8. Talkroute


Talkroute is another well-known digital calling platform that helps you make calls and send texts from anywhere to anyone across the world.


  • With Talkroute, you can choose from toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers that can be selected from a list of up to 800 phone numbers.


  • Call forwarding and routing help you direct calls to any other number or device of your choice, depending on your availability
  • Voicemail customization allows you to create voicemail messages for different types of calls
  • Call stocking enables you to queue waiting calls so as to prevent call drops


  • Basic- $19 per month
  • Plus- $39 per month
  • Pro- $59 per month
  • Enterprise- Customized plans for unlimited users


  • Compliances with HIPAA and SLA ensure that calls and messages made through Talkroute are secure and encrypted.

9. Skype Lite

Skype LiteSource

In case you are looking for a free Hushed app alternative, consider Skype Lite. It is best for making calls and sending texts under a limited internet connection.


  • Skype Lite provides free audio and video calling and text messaging that is optimized for 2G and unstable internet conditions. It is available on Android.


  • The app helps you receive and send SMS text messages anywhere in the world
  • It is available in over eleven Indian languages, along with English
  • Skype Lite allows you to share photos, emojis, files, and phone screens up to 300 MB


  • Skype Lite is free to use; you just need wifi or a cell data connection. 


  • All calls and messages made through Skype Lite are encrypted and secure.

10. Grasshopper



For users living in the US and Canada, Grasshopper is a good second phone calling platform. It helps you add a work number and a virtual phone system to your personal phone number.


  • Grasshopper lets you choose between vanity numbers, toll-free numbers, and local phone numbers. What’s more, you can also port your current telephone number to the Grasshopper app.


  • With Grasshopper, you can send unlimited texts at low costs to anywhere in the world
  • The Instant Response feature enables you to automatically send pre-built text messages to customers in case calls are not picked
  • A free voicemail transcription tool converts your voicemails to text across devices instantly in case of audio issues


  • Contact the Grasshopper’s sales team for its pricing plan. 


  • Despite having personal and professional numbers on a single device, Grasshopper ensures that your personal data is secure by not linking it with any virtual numbers.

Wrapping Up

There exist several apps like Hushed that provide similar or more features at affordable prices. Irrespective of where you live, apps like Hushed help you purchase a phone number from any country and start calling or texting worldwide. At the same time, you can ensure your data is secure, as a second phone number lets you keep personal and professional calls separate.

So, which is the best virtual calling app for your business? While there are several options to choose from, you should consider factors such as cost, features, security, availability of phone numbers, and ease of use before adopting one.


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