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What is Internet Communication? How it works & Its 4 ways.

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Rohit Rajpal

Senior Writer: Rohit Rajpal

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green tickPublished : August 18, 2023

Do you need to be in constant touch with your teams, customers, clients, or business partners, but physically meeting them daily doesn’t seem feasible? Internet communication tools can help you tackle this and truly transform your business communication.  

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86% of customers and executives blame ineffective communication and collaboration for business failure. Internet communication tools can eliminate ineffectiveness while inducing transparency and improving organizational communication. 

Curious to know more about Internet communication? Here’s an extensive guide covering Internet communication and the 4 efficient ways to communicate via the Internet.

What is Internet Communication?

Internet communication is the process of communication through the Internet in different forms–voice, video, and message while keeping the calling costs minimal. If you explore the market, you’ll find many apps that allow you to communicate over the Internet for free in three different modes–click-to-call, app-to-app, and app-to-phone. Some popular apps are Skype, Messenger, Google Meet, and WhatsApp. 

What is Internet Communication

The best part? Internet communication lets businesses interact cost-effectively with international customers and teams with negligible interruptions as long as both parties are connected to stable internet.

Expert Advice

"Internet communication is the best way to interact with stakeholders without friction or high costs. Capitalizing on different Internet communication platforms will help you understand your customer's preferences based on past conversations and customize your campaigns accordingly. We’d recommend you opt for robust VoIP solutions, given their advanced features, flexibility, and scalability."

Here are some more advantages of Internet communication –

  1. Seamless video call facility with 2-100 participants promotes fruitful business communication with local or international clients and teams without incurring high costs.
  2. Induces flexibility in your business’s working by letting you connect or collaborate with clients, teams, or stakeholders from anywhere using the internet.
  3. Facilitates quick information sharing with the concerned person by sharing documents or files via texts/emails or scheduling quick calls.
  4. Greatly improves accessibility by allowing you to communicate using any mobile, laptop, tab, or computer device.
  5. Gives access to advanced features like automation and chatbots to deliver a smooth customer experience. 

What is Web-Based Communication?

Web-based communication refers to all the ways you can communicate or share/receive information with teams and customers over the Internet or the World Wide Web quickly and easily. Some ways are email, social media, conference calling (video or audio conferencing), and instant messaging. 

It is far better than traditional phone communication as it enriches the conversation by including rich media, photos, videos, and more. You can leverage web communication to organize educational or training workshops for customers, stakeholders, or employees worldwide.

What are the Different Types of Internet Communication?

Internet communication is an effective way to seamlessly conduct two-way business discussions over the Internet via a reliable Internet connection. Here are different Internet communication tools or types-

Different Types of Internet Communication

1. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is one of the most popular online communication tools that give you an e-chat or internet-based chat room to let you communicate with your teammates or stakeholders in real time. 

  • Internet-based IM system facilitates friction-free communication when you log in. After you’re logged in, other users are instantly notified, allowing you to start having conversations in sync.
  • Online chat technology saves you from draining time waiting for recipients to come online while allowing you to connect with individuals at zero cost. 
  • You don’t have to pay expensive bills of traditional lines but just have to buy internet plans to start utilizing instant messaging services
  • Instant messaging also allows you to set a base to connect with your remote team– employees, co-managers, and teammates without scheduling a call to share every little detail. 
  • 66% of customers confidently purchase when the brand is active on messaging apps.

Some popular instant messaging apps you can rely on regardless of location are Yahoo Messenger, Google Messenger, MSN, Internet Relay Chat, and AOL Instant Messenger.

2. VoIP and Internet Phone System

VoIP call center solutions (internet telephony) is a modern-day technology and one of the best communication tools that route your calls via the cost-effective Internet instead of expensive traditional phone lines. 

VoIP and Internet Phone System

Technically speaking, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) works on packet switching. It sends voice packets via a standardized Internet Protocol suite (IP), not Public Switched Telephone Network. As these Internet Protocol based voice packets reach the recipient’s destination, they’re converted into voice data for the receiver to understand. 

If you’re a business with numerous calls to make globally, wouldn’t you want to make them at an affordable rate? Everyone would! Robust Internet telephony like DialerHQ lets you do that and free you from location boundaries. 

Here are the top benefits of choosing VoIP –

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

VoIP solutions are the most cost-effective communication tools you can ever bring into your business. Apart from facilitating low-cost local calls, VoIP enables you to make long-distance telephone calls at affordable rates too. 

It helps you escape expensive traditional phone lines with unpredictable rates and shift to budget-friendly phone solutions that charge you based on your chosen plan. A typical business saves 30-50% on average using VoIP. 

Popular phone solutions providers like DialerHQ customize your pricing plans based on your business needs so you don’t end up paying for features you don’t use. This maximizes your ROI. 

2. Improved Customer Service:

Do you know that 90% of Americans choose and be loyal to a brand based on its customer service? That’s why delivering the best customer service is extremely important for businesses. 

Improved customer service

What if we tell you that VoIP phone systems can help you improve your customer service quality? Yes, by reducing long wait times and improving first-time problem resolution via its robust features like call forwarding and auto attendant.

3. Higher Scalability

A traditional phone system requires you to buy additional expensive hardware to cater to the growing communication needs. In contrast, VoIP eliminates the need to invest in hardware while letting you interact cost-effectively. With VoIP, you can easily scale by adding new users or upgrading your plan to incorporate more features based on your business needs. 

4. Extensive Features

VoIP brings in a wide range of innovative features that help you deliver better customer service, improve agent productivity, and automate operational tasks. In fact, 77% of remote workers report greater productivity with VoIP. Some are call recording, IVR, speech analytics, and call forwarding.

3. Email

Email or electronic mail is a robust, reliable, professional, and speedy electronic technology that allows you to send and receive messages and files anytime from anywhere to the recipient’s email id, free of cost. All of these characteristics make it the business’ favorite platform. In fact, 59% of customers reported that marketing emails have greatly influenced their purchase decisions. So, you cannot miss out on email.

Some of the most widely used email platforms are Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. These platforms allow you to exchange emails with individuals or groups simultaneously to communicate your message effectively without wasting time.

Here are some types of emails –

  1. Onboarding emails are messages you send to the recipient’s email address (customers or employees) on signing up for your service/product or joining your organization to brief them about your company. 
  2. Newsletters are regular emails sent to email subscribers (customers) to share important information.
  3. Promotional emails are messages you send to customers to let them know about ongoing sales or new launches, or free services. 
  4. Plain-text emails you often send to teammates sharing project information.

Apart from being cost-effective and fast, emails have a global reach and promise timely/scheduled delivery. On the other hand, emails have the major disadvantage of transferring viruses via spam or junk email. Relying on a good anti-virus program that efficiently scans all inbound and outbound emails for viruses is necessary.

4. Social Media Platform

Social media platforms have emerged as one of the most effective Internet communication platforms for businesses, given their wide reach and ease of sharing information with customers. Some widely known social media sites are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Social Media Communication

This communication channel allows businesses to acquaint prospects with their products or services. The best part about social media is that it is free of cost. Using it strategically enables you to better understand your customers’ needs and market your product as the best solution.

Businesses rely on social media to conduct market research and interact with customers in real time, boosting customer loyalty and lifetime value. Capitalizing on social media also enhances your brand awareness and helps attract traffic to your landing page/website, boosting sales.

Wrapping Up

Internet communication is here to stay. It’s the new age way for businesses to connect with their teams, customers, clients, and stakeholders with just one click via video calls, audio calls, or messages. It has no location restrictions and involves no high costs. 

Still, most internet communication mediums are highly sensitive to attacks by hackers, putting your business and customer data at risk. You must be extremely mindful when sharing information online to lower risk. Besides, you can be stress-free about leveraging all or some Internet communication platforms mentioned above. In no time, you’ll see improved business communication and widespread reach!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best examples of Internet-based communication are emails, messaging platforms, social media, and blogs.

Internet-based communication is highly used to communicate with anyone you want, regardless of location, at zero costs other than internet bills.

Internet communications features include flexibility, accessibility, security, low cost, and ease of use.

Updated : March 28, 2024

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