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Google Voice Not Working: 7 Common Issues and Their Solutions

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer: Paras Kela

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green tickPublished : September 29, 2023

Communication is essential in this competitive market, where you need to stay connected with your prospects at every touchpoint. Google Voice is one such communication tool that offers a variety of features designed to make communication easier and more efficient.

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However, if your Google Voice is giving trouble, it may be time to move on to a better alternative such as DialerHQ. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Google Voice is and discuss seven common problems users may encounter while using this service.

What is Google Voice? 

Google Voice is a telecommunications service provided by Google, and it offers a wide range of features to simplify communication. With Google Voice, users can make voice and video calls, send text messages, and even manage multiple phone numbers from a single account. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for personal or business purposes and is accessible through both web and mobile applications.

Expert Advice

"If you make international calls with Google Voice, be mindful of the associated costs and rates. Google Voice's international calling rates can vary, so check these rates and consider using other options like international calling plans if needed. Moreover, if you’re consistently facing friction with Google Voice, you can look for alternatives such as DialerHQ."

7 Common Google Voice Problems 

While Google Voice offers a plethora of features, it still poses many challenges for its users. Below, we have listed the top 7 Google Voice problems that are commonly faced by businesses. If your Google Voice is number not working, you might need to check out the following challenges.

Google Voice Problems

1. Call Quality Issues

One of the most common problems users face with Google Voice is poor call quality. This can manifest as dropped calls, choppy audio, or delayed responses. To mitigate this issue, ensure you have a stable internet connection, preferably a high-speed one. Because of these issues, many times Google Voice can’t connect your call. Additionally, consider using a wired headset or earphones with a built-in microphone to improve call quality.

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2. Call Dropping

Call dropping can be a frustrating issue. If your calls frequently drop while using Google Voice, check your internet connection and ensure that your device has sufficient signal strength. It’s also a good idea to close background apps that may be consuming bandwidth, causing call interruptions.

3. Delayed Messages

Delayed text messages can be problematic, especially in time-sensitive situations. If you’re experiencing this issue, check your internet connection, and make sure your device’s operating system and the Google Voice app are up-to-date. Sometimes, clearing the Google Voice mobile app’s cache or reinstalling it can also resolve this problem.

4. Voicemail Problems

Voicemail Problems

Google Voice includes a voicemail feature, but some users encounter issues with voicemail notifications not coming through. To fix this, ensure that you’ve enabled voicemail notifications in the Google Voice settings and that the app has the necessary permissions to send notifications.

5. Integration Problems

If you’re using Google Voice alongside other messaging or calling apps, you might encounter integration problems. Make sure you’ve set Google Voice as your default messaging and calling app on your device. This can usually be configured in your device’s settings.

6. Texting and Calling Limitations

Google Voice has certain limitations when it comes to texting and calling. For instance, international calls may have restrictions, and not all countries are supported. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these limitations, especially if you frequently communicate internationally.

7. Account Access Issues

Account access problems, such as forgotten passwords or locked accounts, can disrupt your Google Voice experience. To prevent this, set up account recovery options and regularly update your password. Google’s account recovery tools can help you regain access if you ever get locked out.

Challenges of Google Voice for the Workspace

EGoogle Voice comes with many concerns for your workspace which have resulted in a reduction in customers. Below are the main challenges of Google Voice in a modern workspace:

Challenges of Google Voice for the Workspace

1. Limited International Availability

One of the significant challenges of Google Voice for Workspace is its limited international availability. While it is available in the United States and Canada, it may not be accessible in other countries. This can be a significant barrier for multinational companies or businesses with a global presence, as they may need to use alternative communication solutions for international offices.

2. Integration Complexity

Google Voice needs to be integrated into an existing communication infrastructure seamlessly. Achieving this integration can be complex, especially for organizations with established phone systems or legacy PBX (Private Branch Exchange) setups. Migrating phone numbers, ensuring compatibility, and maintaining a smooth transition can be challenging tasks.

3. E911 Compliance

Enhanced 911 (E911) regulations require service providers to transmit a caller’s location information to emergency services when a call to 911 is made. Ensuring E911 compliance in a Google Voice setup can be challenging, as it requires accurate tracking of user locations, especially in situations where employees may use Google Voice from various devices and locations.

4. Call Quality and Reliability

Call Quality and Reliability

Google Voice operates over the Internet, which means call quality and reliability are subject to the quality of the Internet connection. Organizations may experience call drops, delays, or poor call quality if their internet service is unreliable or overloaded. This challenge becomes more significant for businesses that rely heavily on voice communication.

5. Security and Privacy Concerns

Maintaining the security and privacy of communications is a top priority for businesses. Google Voice, like any cloud-based service, is susceptible to security breaches and data privacy concerns. Organizations need to implement robust security measures, including two-factor authentication and encryption, to mitigate these risks.

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6. Scalability

As businesses grow, their communication needs also evolve. Scaling Google Voice for Workspace to accommodate a growing number of users and phone lines can be challenging. Organizations must plan for scalability from the outset to avoid disruptions and additional integration complexities.

7. User Adoption

Introducing new communication tools to employees can be met with resistance or confusion. Some employees may find it challenging to adapt to Google Voice if they are accustomed to traditional phone systems or other communication tools. Providing adequate training and support is essential to ensure smooth user adoption.

Having Difficulty Using Google Voice? Try DialerHQ for Free 

While Google Voice offers a range of features for businesses, it may not always meet the diverse needs of growing enterprises. If you’ve encountered difficulties using Google Voice or are seeking a more comprehensive solution, DialerHQ could be the answer you’re looking for.


DialerHQ is a versatile and feature-rich virtual phone system designed to cater to the communication needs of businesses, particularly those in the midst of expansion. Unlike traditional phone systems, DialerHQ operates entirely in the cloud, offering the flexibility and scalability necessary for modern businesses. Here’s a closer look at some of the key features that make DialerHQ an excellent choice for businesses in need of streamlined customer communication:

Final Thoughts

While Google Voice may serve some communication needs, DialerHQ steps in as a comprehensive and scalable solution, offering the tools necessary to optimize customer communication. If you’ve encountered difficulties or limitations with Google Voice, it’s worth exploring DialerHQ’s free trial to experience the difference it can make for your growing business. Embrace the future of communication with DialerHQ, where streamlined customer communication meets cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several factors can cause Google Voice to stop working. These include internet connectivity issues, server outages on Google's end, changes in your Google account status, or problems with the device or app you're using. Troubleshooting these elements can often resolve the issue.

No, Google Voice requires you to have an existing phone number to set up and use the service. You'll need to link your Google Voice account to a real phone number for verification and to forward incoming calls and messages. This can help fix Google Voice and help you work without a phone number.

If your access to your Google Voice account is suspended, you will typically receive an email notification from Google explaining the reason for the suspension. You can also visit the Google Voice website and log in to check your account status.

Google Voice accounts do not expire due to inactivity. However, Google reserves the right to reclaim your Google Voice number if you violate their terms of service or if they discontinue the service (which is rare but possible). To keep your number active, make at least one outbound call or send one text message every 9 months.

Several reasons can cause the Google Voice app not to ring, including incorrect notification settings, Do Not Disturb mode enabled on your device, app permissions, or issues with your device's operating system. You should check these settings and permissions to diagnose and resolve the problem.

There are several alternatives to Google Voice, depending on your specific needs. Some popular options include Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack for messaging and video calls. For virtual phone systems with similar features to Google Voice, consider services like DialerHQ, Grasshopper, or RingCentral. The best choice depends on your business or personal communication requirements.

Updated : March 5, 2024

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