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What is a Level 3 VoIP Number and Why Should You Use it?

Simplify business calls, boost team collaboration, automate workflows, and improve customer experience with a cloud phone system.

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer: Paras Kela

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green tickPublished : April 3, 2024

Organizations in the business arena are actively seeking cost-effective communication solutions. Recent research reports the global VoIP market at USD 85.2 billion in 2021, with a projected 3.8% CAGR from 2022 to 2030.

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This growth reflects the widespread adoption of VoIP, where Level 3 Communications VoIP stands out for reliability, scalability, and enhanced functionality, making it a pivotal technology for modern telecommunication strategies. This blog provides key insights into Level 3 VoIP numbers for enhancing business communications.

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When transitioning to a Level 3 Communications VoIP number, consider conducting a thorough assessment of your current and future communication needs to choose the most suitable VoIP package. Leverage DialerHQ's expertise to customize your VoIP solution for an optimized setup.

What is a Level 3 VoIP Number?

A Level 3 VoIP number, offered by VoIP providers like DialerHQ, facilitates voice communication through the internet, harnessing the power of an advanced IP telephone network. The voip phone system transcends traditional phone systems by ensuring high-speed internet connection and reliable voice transmissions across the globe. Embracing Level 3 VoIP technology allows for unparalleled clarity and dependability in meeting the comprehensive communication requirements of today’s interconnected world.

How Level 3 Communications VoIP Number Works?

Level 3 Communication VoIP number convert voice into digital packets for transmission over the internet, enabling high-quality voice communication through advanced IP networks. Below mentioned is the the working of a Level 3 communication VoIP number.

How VoIP Numbers Works?

  • It converts analog voice signals into digital data packets.
  • Transmits these data packets over the internet or any IP network.
  • Allows for the data packets to be received by another VoIP user or converted back into an analog signal for traditional phone users.
  • Enables call forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID over the internet.
  • Utilizes existing internet connections, eliminating the need for separate phone lines.

Why Use Level 3 VoIP Number?

Adopting a Level 3 VoIP number can revolutionize communication strategies by leveraging the power and flexibility of the internet for superior toll-free voice calls. Here are some of the key highlights of why you should use a level 3 voip number.

1. Cost Savings

Opting for a Level 3 VoIP number translates into significant cost savings for businesses. Unlike traditional telephony, which incurs hefty charges for long-distance and international calls, Level 3 VoIP utilizes the Internet for voice communication, drastically reducing these expenses.

It enables calls over the Internet, bypassing conventional phone line costs and thus presenting a cost-efficient solution for companies looking to economize while maintaining high-quality communication.

2. Scalability

The scalability of a Level 3 VoIP number is a key advantage for growing businesses. With a Level 3 VoIP number, companies can easily adjust their communication capacity to match their current needs without significant investment limiting to only robust internet access.


This flexibility means adding or removing lines is straightforward, supporting business expansion or contraction with minimal fuss. This adaptability makes a Level 3 VoIP number an essential tool for businesses aiming for agility and growth in a dynamic market environment.

3. Global Reach

A Level 3 VoIP number enables businesses to have a local presence in global markets without requiring physical office setups, extending their reach internationally. This capability enables companies to connect with customers, partners, and employees worldwide using local numbers, fostering a local business image while operating globally. 

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This global reach, facilitated by a Level 3 VoIP number, is instrumental for businesses aiming to expand their footprint and tap into new markets with ease and efficiency.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility offered by a Level 3 VoIP number is unparalleled, providing businesses the ability to manage their communications seamlessly across various devices and locations. Employees can access their work lines from anywhere – be it from the office, home, or on the go – ensuring that they stay connected and productive regardless of their physical location.

This level of flexibility supports modern, dynamic work environments and is crucial for businesses aiming to adapt to the evolving demands of the workforce and maintain business continuity.

5. Enhanced Features

A Level 3 VoIP number comes with a range of enhanced features that significantly improve communication capabilities. These features include advanced call routing options, voicemail-to-email transcription, auto-attendant functionality, conference calling, and customizable caller ID settings.

Best Features of VoIP

Such features empower businesses to streamline their communication processes, enhance productivity, and provide a more seamless experience for both employees and customers. Leveraging these enhanced features makes Level 3 VoIP numbers an invaluable asset for modern businesses looking to optimize their communication strategies.

6. Reliability

The reliability of Level 3 Communications VoIP is unmatched, ensuring that businesses enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality voice communications essential for day-to-day operations. By leveraging reliable internet connection and advanced routing technologies, Level 3 VoIP minimizes downtime and maximizes call clarity and connection stability.

This reliability is crucial for maintaining professional interactions and operational efficiency, making Level 3 VoIP an indispensable communication tool for businesses prioritizing dependable service.

7. Security

Level 3 Communications VoIP places a high priority on security, offering robust measures to protect voice communications from potential cyber threats. With advanced encryption protocols, internet protocol, and network safeguards, Level 3 VoIP ensures that every call is secured, safeguarding sensitive information exchanged during conversations.

Enhanced security is vital for businesses amidst rising occurrences of data breaches and cyber-attacks. It provides peace of mind and reinforces trust in digital communications.

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8. Integration

Level 3 Communications VoIP stands out for its smooth integration with existing business systems and applications. This adaptability enables companies to streamline their workflows, enhance productivity, and improve customer experiences without the need for extensive overhauls or compatibility adjustments.

Whether integrating with CRM software, email platforms, or customer support tools, Level 3 VoIP makes it easier for businesses to consolidate their communication infrastructure, fostering a more efficient and connected workplace environment.

How Can DialerHQ Help?

DialerHQ specializes in customizing solutions to help businesses smoothly transition to Level 3 Communications VoIP, aligning with specific operational requirements. Their approach ensures a hassle-free setup process tailored to meet each business’s unique needs.


Moreover, DialerHQ offers continuous support post-implementation, assisting companies in fully leveraging their VoIP services for optimal performance. This comprehensive support structure maximizes the advantages of VoIP technology, enhancing communication efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses.


In this era, where effective communication is crucial, Level 3 Communications VoIP numbers stand out as transformative tools. They bring significant cost reductions, adaptability in scaling, worldwide connectivity, operational flexibility, and access to advanced functionalities. 

The benefits of Level 3 Communications VoIP numbers collectively empower businesses to refine their communication methods, which, in turn, fuels their growth and strengthens their competitive edge in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced call routing, conferencing, voicemail-to-email, and caller ID are some of the key features, along with robust security and reliability for making phone calls using Level 3 communications VoIP service over traditional phone lines.

Level 3 VoIP services, including virtual phone numbers, usually facilitate number portability, enabling businesses to keep their current phone numbers.

The setup involves selecting a service plan after comparing the plans of different voip providers. Then, configuring VoIP equipment (which may be provided or recommended by Level 3) and possibly porting existing phone numbers, with support from Level 3 technicians throughout the process.

Updated : April 5, 2024

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