866 Area Code Toll-Free Numbers: Your Ultimate Guide

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As a business owner, providing excellent customer service is crucial to your company’s success. Your potential customers can reach you 24/7 if you make it easy for them to do so.

And when your customers can’t contact you, it leaves a wrong impression.



That’s when toll-free area codes like 866 are a great solution for businesses that want to establish a national presence and provide excellent customer service.

Do you know what the toll-free area codes are, such as 866?

Well, this article will help you explore everything you need to know about the 866 area code, how to get an 866 number, its benefits, and much more.

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What is Area Code 866?

Now the question arises, what is the area code 866? Is 866 a toll free number?

The 866 area code number is a toll-free number that allows callers to reach businesses without incurring any charges. It’s a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) toll-free area code similar to other toll-free numbers such as 800, 888, 877, 855, and 844. 

The main difference between these numbers is the sequence of the digits. However, they all work the same way, and the caller is not charged for the call.

Expert Advice

"Understanding the significance of the 866 area code is crucial for businesses operating in North America. This toll-free code allows customers to reach your business without incurring any charges. However, it's essential to research different service providers and see what they bring. Consider the scalability of your business and ensure the provider offers seamless integration with your existing systems. By leveraging the power of the 866 area code effectively,you can enhance customer experience and expand your reach. "

How to Get an 866 Area Code Phone Number?

There are several ways to get an area 866 phone code number. One way is to contact a VoIP provider like DialerHQ, which offers toll-free numbers for businesses. 

When you sign up with DialerHQ, you can choose from a wide range of 866 numbers and assign them to your particular business. If you already have one, you can also port your existing toll-free number to DialerHQ.

Another way to get an 866 phone code number is to contact a phone company that provides toll-free numbers. You can search for such providers on the internet and compare their prices and services before choosing one that suits your business needs.

What Are The Benefits of 866 Toll-Free Phone Number?

An 866 toll-free phone number can provide numerous benefits to businesses and individuals, including increased credibility, enhanced customer experience, and greater accessibility. With no cost to the caller, 866 phone code numbers can attract more incoming calls and potentially boost sales.

1. Global Customer Base

One of the primary benefits of having an 866 phone area code number is that it allows you to establish a global customer base. Since the caller is not charged for the call, people from all over the world can reach your business easily.



This is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate internationally or want to expand their reach.

2. Personalization 

An 866 phone area code number also allows you to personalize your customer service and make it more efficient. You can use features like call routing, caller ID, and auto-attendant to route calls to the right department or agent. This ensures customers are quickly connected to the right person, reducing wait times and improving their experience.

3. Convenience

Having an 866 phone code number also makes reaching you more convenient for your customers. They can call you from anywhere, anytime, without incurring any charges. This is particularly helpful for businesses outside regular business hours, as customers can still reach them even if the office is closed.

4. Competency

Toll-free phone numbers also give the impression of a competent and established business. It sends a message to your customers that you care about their experience and are willing to invest in a toll-free number to make it easier for them to reach you.

5. Messaging Ability

Lastly, an 866 phone area code number entitles text messaging capability. This is an easy and convenient way for customers to reach out to your business and provides another channel for you to communicate with them.

Difference Between an 866 Number and Other Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing customers to reach them without incurring charges.

A toll-free phone number with a distinct three-digit code allows callers to reach the business for free. Companies use toll-free numbers to enhance customer service lines, increase brand recognition, and establish a nationwide presence.

While several toll-free numbers are available, including 800, 888, 877, and 855, another type of toll-free number that is becoming increasingly popular is the 866 number. Following are the key differences between an 866 number and other toll-free numbers.

1. Prefix

One of the key differences between 866 and toll-free numbers is their prefix. An 866 number begins with the prefix 866, while 800, 888, 877, and 855 numbers begin with those specific prefixes.

2. Availability

Availability is another difference between an 866 number and other toll-free numbers. 800 numbers are the most popular and recognized toll-free numbers, making them more challenging. 

888, 877, and 855 numbers are also widely used, so they may be more challenging. In contrast, 866 phone area code numbers are relatively new and less commonly used, making them more readily available.

3. Cost

Another difference between an 866 number and other toll-free numbers is their cost. All toll-free numbers are free to call for the customer, but the business owner incurs the cost of the call.

The cost of  toll-free calls depends on the provider and the number of minutes used. The cost of an 866 number may be slightly higher than that of other toll-free numbers due to its relative scarcity.

4. Branding

Toll-free numbers are essential for branding and recognition. An 866 phone code number may be more suitable for companies seeking a unique identity. 

Since 800 numbers are the most widely used, businesses that want to stand out may prefer an 866 number.

5. Area codes

Another difference between 866 and toll-free numbers is the area code. The 866 area code location is not fixed, meaning businesses can choose the area code they prefer. 

In contrast, other toll-free numbers have a fixed area code, so businesses cannot choose the area code they want.

6. Portability

All toll-free numbers are portable, meaning businesses can transfer their number from one provider to another without losing their number. 

The portability of an 866 phone area code number is the same as that of other toll-free numbers.

While several types of toll-free numbers are available, including 800, 888, 877, and 855, an 866 number is becoming increasingly popular.

The key differences between 866 and toll-free numbers include their prefix, availability, cost, branding, area codes, and portability. Businesses should consider these differences when selecting a toll-free number that suits their needs.

Use DialerHQ To Make the Most of An 866 Area Code

DialerHQ is a cloud-based VoIP phone system that offers a variety of features to help businesses manage their international business communications. 


With DialerHQ, you can get a toll-free number with an 866 area code and use it to receive calls from your customers anywhere in the world. Here are some of the features of DialerHQ that can help you make the most of your 866 toll-free number:

1. Local number portability.

If you already have a toll-free number, you can easily port it to DialerHQ and keep your existing number.

2. Virtual receptionist

DialerHQ offers an auto-attendant feature that can route calls to the right person or department based on the caller’s input.

3. Call recording

You can record your incoming and outgoing calls to monitor your business’s call quality and for training purposes.

4. Text messaging

DialerHQ allows you to send and receive text messages using your toll-free number.

5. Mobile app

DialerHQ has a mobile app that allows you to use your toll-free number on your mobile device.

6. Call analytics

You can track your call volume, call duration, and other call metrics to analyze your business’s performance.

866 Area Code: Scam or Not? 

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about scams and frauds associated with 866 phone area code numbers, leading many people to question whether or not the 866 area code is a scam. 

While it’s true that scammers may use 866 numbers to carry out fraudulent activities, it’s important to understand that not all 866 numbers are scams.

The 866 area code is a toll-free number that allows individuals and businesses to receive business calls from their customers without charge. While it has been associated with scams, it is not inherently a scam.

Like any other phone number, it can be used for legitimate or illegitimate purposes. However, it is important to exercise caution when receiving calls from unknown numbers, regardless of where area code 866 is.

If you receive a call from an 866 number and you’re unsure if it’s legitimate, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself: 

A) First, be wary of unsolicited calls, especially if the caller asks for personal or financial information. 

Legitimate companies and organizations typically won’t ask for this information over the phone.

B) Second, research the company or organization that’s calling you. Check their website or call their customer service line to verify their legitimacy. 

If you can’t find any information about the company, or if the information doesn’t match up with what the caller is telling you, it’s likely a scam.

C) Finally, if you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to hang up and call the company or organization back using a phone number you know is legitimate. 

This will help you avoid falling for a spoofing scam.


In conclusion, the 866 area code is a legitimate toll free area code used by businesses and organizations to provide free customer service lines and other business-related calls. 

While some scams are associated with this area code, it is important to remember that not all calls from an 866 number are fraudulent. Understanding the differences between toll-free numbers and their area codes and taking steps to protect your personal information can help you avoid falling victim to scams. Overall, the 866 area code provides a useful and beneficial service for businesses and consumers.


The 866 area code for toll-free numbers from DialerHQ offers nationwide accessibility, providing seamless communication and customer engagement without charging your callers.

Yes, DialerHQ offers versatile call routing options for your 866 area code toll-free number, ensuring calls are efficiently directed to various lines, departments, or locations based on your preferences.

Whether in e-commerce, healthcare, finance, or other sectors, the 866 area code toll-free numbers elevate your customer service and communication efforts in every sector.

Updated : August 24, 2023

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