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844 Area Code: Everything You Need To Know

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer: Paras Kela

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green tickPublished : February 28, 2023

Toll-free numbers are essential to broaden your business’s reach and make it easier for clients to contact you. The 844 area code USA is among the popular and prominent choices in terms of a toll-free number in North America.

But what is area code 844 exactly, and how does it function? This in-depth guide will teach you all there is to know about a toll-free phone number and the 844 area code text. We’ve covered 844 area code  toll-free numbers to determine which is best for your organization.

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What is 844 Area Code?

844 Area Code


The 844 area code is a North American toll-free number that allows callers to reach businesses without having to pay long-distance charges. Unlike traditional area codes, toll-free area code 844 locations are nationwide.

The 844 area code text was introduced as part of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) efforts to ensure enough available numbers to meet the growing demand for toll-free services.

With the 844 number area code, businesses have a fresh supply of available phone numbers. In addition, they can be customized with memorable digits to boost brand recognition. When a customer dials an 844 area code phone number, the call is routed to the business phone line. The service provider covers the entire cost of the call.

Use an 844 number area code to increase your accessibility, establish a national presence, and make reaching potential customers easier.

How To Get An Area Code 844 Toll-Free Number?

Now that you know what is local area code 844 is, you may want to get an 844 area code phone number for your business or personal use? Here are several ways to do it, depending on your location. Here are some options:

  • Contact your phone service provider to see if the phone numbers in your local area code 844 location. They may let you choose your number or assign one.
  • Check online directories for businesses that offer an 844 area code in your location, and contact them to see if the number is available.
  • Consider a third-party provider specializing in the 844 number area code if you’re having trouble finding one you like.

An 844 area code phone number is great for your business or personal use. It’s a number so that people can call you without long-distance fees. Plus, it adds professionalism to your business communication and can help people recognize your brand with an easy-to-remember number.

Benefits Of An 844 Toll-Free Number



You may wonder if getting a toll-free number or sticking with a local one is better, and practically, what is area code 844 beneficial for? Having an 844 toll-free phone number can help your business in many ways.

For one thing, it’s cheap for customers to contact you without paying long-distance fees. This can increase customer satisfaction and make your business more accessible. The other significant benefits are

1. Professionalism

With a toll-free number, and it’s easier to show clients that your business is trustworthy and has been around for a while, which helps build credibility and trust.

2. Increased Customer Engagement

Toll-free numbers make it easier for customers to get in touch with your business. This makes them more likely to do business with you.

3. Better Advertising

Putting your toll-free number in ads and other promotional materials can help your business stand out from the rest.

4. Portability

If you ever leave your current service provider or move your business, you can give your toll-free number to a new one.

Difference Between An 844 Area Code Number and Other Toll-free Numbers

An 844 number is a type of toll-free number, and the main differences between an 844 number and other toll-free numbers include

1. Dialing Prefix

The primary difference between an 844 number and other toll-free numbers is the dialing prefix used to call the number. An 844 number uses the prefix “844” instead of the traditional toll-free prefixes of 800, 866, 877, or 888 code.

2. Availability

While 800 numbers have been in use for decades and are the most well-known toll-free numbers, they can be more challenging to obtain because many of the most desirable and memorable numbers have already been assigned. By contrast, 844 numbers are newer, so there is generally a wider selection of available numbers to choose from.

3. Cost

Toll-free numbers, including 844 numbers, allow customers to call a business without incurring long-distance charges. However, some providers may charge a fee to obtain an 844 number or include it as part of a broader package of services.

4. Marketing

While all toll-free numbers provide a way for customers to contact a business free of charge, 844 numbers may offer an opportunity for branding or marketing. Since 844 numbers are newer, they can be more memorable and eye-catching, making them a useful tool for businesses looking to enhance their branding efforts.

5. Geographic Targeting

Some businesses may prefer to use an 844 number instead of a traditional toll-free number because it allows them to target a specific geographic area. For example, an 844 number may be used to indicate that a business is based in a specific region or to promote a local event or promotion.

Overall, 844 numbers are a relatively new addition to the world of toll-free numbers but offer some benefits over more traditional options. They may be easier to obtain, provide an opportunity for branding, and can be used for geographic targeting.

844 Area Code: Scam Or Not? 



There are debates all around the globe about the legitimacy of 844 area code numbers. Yes, the 844 area code is approved as a legitimate 844 toll-free number by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). 844 number area code meets the growing demand for toll-free phone numbers.

Since then, companies and individuals across North America have been using it to create their presence and offer customer service.

But can 844 toll-free calls be used as scams? Sadly, scammers may use the 844 toll-free number with any well-known phone number to scam victims into giving personal information or sending money.

Prior to communicating or disclosing any sensitive information, it is always recommended to confirm the integrity of any phone number.

Is 844 Toll-Free Number Valid in the US and Canada?

The toll-free number 844 works in the US and Canada under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). If you have recently commenced business operations in the United States or Canadian, an 844 area code number is a great investment. It will enable you to target geographic customers and enable them to call you without incurring any charges.

It is important to note that if your business or organization works in more than one country in North America, you may need to get different toll-free numbers for each country. Overall, getting an 844 toll-free number can help organizations operating from the US and Canada with branding and gaining more customers easily.

How To Get An 844 area Code With DialerHQ?


With an 844 area code toll-free number, you can make it easy and free for future customers to reach out to your business without worrying about long-distance charges. A highly memorable vanity number can help your business stand out and leave a lasting impression on callers.

People might wonder where is area code 844 available. DialerHQ is a quick and easy way to sign up for an 844 area code text. With a toll-free number, your business can reach more customers and be easier for them to get in touch with.

This could lead to more leads and increased sales.


In conclusion, an 844 toll-free vanity number might be the perfect addition to grow your business’s reach and make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. With 844 area code, you can reach the maximum number of customers, look like a real business, and improve customer call service.

You can also use this number as an effective marketing tool.

Callers don’t have to pay long-distance fees when they use the 844 area code number, and it’s easy to sign up. This makes it a valuable tool for any business that wants to make itself easier to reach and connect with potential customers. So join DialerHQ today and see for yourself how it can help you.


The area code 844 location is in North America, which was established in 2013.

844 area code numbers are linked with the America/New York time zone.

Yes, 844 area code is a toll-free code that can be given to businesses and organizations, just like 866. The 844 area code USA is not just for government phone numbers; any eligible entity can use it.

844 is a real, valid, and usable toll-free prefix that businesses and organizations can use. It lets people call the organization without having to pay for long-distance calls.

You can stop calls from 844 by using the call-blocking feature on your phone or by asking your phone carrier to block the number. You can also tell the Federal Trade Commission about calls from 844 toll free number that you don't want to get (FTC).

You might wonder if it is safe to pick up a 844 area code number or if it is a cruel practice by scammers. Getting a call from a business or organization with an 844 area code phone number is safe.

If you don't know the business number or don't want the call, you can either ignore it or use a feature on your phone to block it.

You might be getting calls from the 844 area code USA because it is a toll-free number that businesses and organizations often use to give their customers a free way to reach them.

Yes, absolutely. But some callers you don't want may also use this area code to scam you or sell you something.

The 844 area code number is a North America toll free prefix. It includes the United States, Canada, Alaska, and some other countries in the Pacific and Caribbean.

Updated : April 18, 2024

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